Saturday, December 7, 2013

COVER REVEAL for The Fortune Cafe

Some of you may have heard about my "super secret project". Doesn't that drive you nuts when authors do that? It does me, so sorry about that.

Anyway, about 9 months ago I read a 3-part novel. I loved the idea immediately, and I also loved the idea of collaborating with a couple of other authors. Once I talked Julie Wright into doing it with me, we looked around for another author who might be interested in writing a contemporary romance series with us. We were really excited when Melanie Jacobson came on board. Of course, with all of our schedules, families, and life in general, we actually didn't do anything on it until this past month. 

We outlined the first novel in the series over the phone since Melanie lives in another state, established characters, plot arcs, and setting. 

You might be wondering, What is a 3-part novel? The novel follows three woman who are all connected to a location/theme/event. The Fortune CafĂ© on Tangerine Street is a Chinese restaurant unlike any other because, well, to be honest, the fortunes found in the cookies all come true…

We now have a cover and a release date!

Coming March 2014: The Fortune Cafe (A Tangerine Street Novel)


Danyelle Ferguson said...

Love it! Gorgeous cover!

Heather Moore said...

Thanks, Danyelle!

Melanie said...

This will be fun!

G.G. Vandagriff said...

Another great project! Sounds really fun! Love the cover. You are so innovative. Hope it's a great success