Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Cover reveal for DIVINITY OF WOMEN

I'm really excited to reveal the cover for a non-fiction book I wrote with my father, S. Kent Brown. Some of you may know that he's a renowned Biblical scholar. I think his resume would be a dozen pages long. My dad has published many scholarly-type books, and he's currently finishing a 1,000 page commentary on the Book of Luke. I always thought it would be neat to co-write with him... but the question became What? What could "I" contribute to something that he might be interested in or willing to do?

Several years ago, I'd brainstormed some book ideas with my then-editor, and I told her I'd like to write a book on the divinity of women... about their divine natures before, during, and after this life. She loved the idea, but several other books crowded... in 2012, I decided to get serious. I wrote a few sections and realized that the book would be much richer if my dad helped me. So at one of my kid's soccer games, I asked him if he wanted to be a co-author. He agreed, and we split up the "names" we'd work on.

We submitted to Covenant in June 2012, and went through a series of revisions before official acceptance. Official release date will be March 2014.

These are the women that we feature--a mixture of Biblical Women and Women of the Book of Mormon:

Section One: Visionary Women
Sarah * Mother of Samson * Rebekah * Wife of King Lamoni

Section Two: Prayer & Worship
Women of Galilee * Lydia * Mary * Poor Widow * Woman with issue of blood * Eve * Hannah * Abish

Section Three: Prophetesses
Miriam * Deborah * Huldah * Anna * Wife of Isaiah * Noadiah * Elisabeth * Daughters of Philip

Section Four: Crossing the Line
Queen Jezebel * Queen Athaliah * Tamar * Rahab * Isabel * Daughter of Jared II * Gomer, Hosea’s Wife

Section Five: Education of Ancient Women
Queen of Sheba * Queen Esther * Wives of Jared and the Brother of Jared * Sariah

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