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FINDING SHEBA will be re-released February 3, 2015 by Thomas & Mercer. You can PRE-ORDER on Amazon.

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 Finding Sheba
A modern-day hunt for the Queen of Sheba's tomb

For centuries, historians have speculated that the Queen of Sheba is nothing more than a seductive legend; but when undercover agent Omar Zagouri finds a tomb in a tunnel beneath Jerusalem, he unearths cryptic clues that may lead to the queen’s final resting place.

This discovery, if authentic, could throw into question the governmental claim to the Holy Land—and prove the Bible false. Wealthy collectors, ruthless archaeologists, and officials from Egypt, Ethiopia, Israel, and Yemen scramble to find and lay claim to the secret site.

Dr. Richard Lyon of Brown University, the world’s leading expert on the queen, is found murdered in his office, setting off a chain of deadly events. Omar desperately works to piece together the puzzle to locate the queen’s burial ground, fearing another assassination will take place. He teams up with one of Lyon’s protégées as well as with his ex-girlfriend, agent Mia Golding, in order to unravel the truth about the queen, expose a murderer, and reveal a timeless story of love, revenge, and sacrifice.

BENEATH will be re-eleased December 17, 2014 
You can pre-order now on Amazon. 

 Beneath, a short story
Companion story to Finding Sheba
Chalice Stratford hands won’t stop shaking, and not only is she required to give up her medical practice, but she’s forced to enter the witness protection program since the serial killer who brutally scarred her is still at large. Working in a museum in Bordeaux, France, the last thing she expects is to be abducted in a museum theft gone wrong. Omar Zagouri, the man behind the heist, is not who she expects, and Chalice soon learns he might be the one man who can put her demons to rest.

Released August 2013
First Heist, an Omar Zagouri novella
found in:
A Timeless Romance Anthology: Autumn Collection
Mia, an undercover agent is about to make a handoff to co-agent, Omar Zagouri. But before she can complete her assignment, her cover is blown, and she finds herself escaping with Omar. The only problem is, her boss warned her about Omar and his sketchy history of landing himself in the middle of danger. After losing her mother in an attack planned for Mia, pulling off any heist with a man like Omar is the last thing she needs for her career . . . or her life.

Coming Fall 2015:
Lost King, An Omar Zagouri Thriller
Omar Zagouri is not dead—yet. But his heart may never recover after the shock of seeing his girlfriend, Mia, walk away unscathed from a bomb-blasted courtyard. They had finally started to get along again and now this. His newest mission to Egypt distracts him just in time to discover that the Pharaonic sun temple has been an elaborate cover-up for one of the most important burial sites in history built by the greatest king of the 19th Dynasty—Ramses II. Yet beneath the sun temple is no sarcophagus, but a book—a complete version of the ancient text of the Book of the Dead. And the chapters that were missing from other versions reveal a secret that may change history as we know it. But first, Omar must stop the man who will do anything to cover it up—the Prime Minister of Egypt.

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