Friday, June 17, 2011

Best of State 2011--Alma the Younger

I've neglected to post this for awhile; no excuses any more. To catch you up, my 2010 novel Alma the Younger won the Best of State Award in Literary Arts for fiction.

I was very surprised and excited. 2 years ago Abinadi won 2009 Best of State, so I was pleased that 2 very religious books could earn such great recognition. You'll also understand my extra excitement of Alma the Younger winning since there was some angst during the editing process that you can read here.

June 4th was the big night. After spending time at a "Brown" family reunion, I hurried home to get ready. I had set a hair styling appointment since I am very much hair-styling-challenged. Overall, the night was much less eventful than 2009--referenced here. No parking ticket, no hail storm, no crying children. Two years of growing up made a difference to my youngest.

Here is a picture of us just before I left. Notice the all-smiles. Her one question was, "Mom, are you getting a medal or a meadow?"

This year, my parents came, my father-in-law, as well as 3 of my sisters-in-law. We took up a whole table, and it was funny to see the sign as "Heather Moore." (I SWEAR I slouch in every picture!)

I looked around for Lu Ann Staheli, who is in my critique group, and who was accepting the Non-fiction award for her book The Psychic Madman. But didn't see her until we were doing "the walk". It was a huge honor to receive the fiction award on the night she received the non-fiction award. Lu Ann has been a huge mentor in my life and is one of my dearest friends.

The food was really great, but mostly the company was great. Each category has an overall category winner as well. In the Arts & Entertainment a 12 year old violinist won. She got up to perform an amazing medley. I laughed when Lu Ann texted me saying, "okay okay, I guess she can win the category."

For you basketball fans, Jimmer Fredette won a Best of State that night, with David Archuletta presenting. Kind of cool!

Some random pictures: My beautiful sisters-in-law:

My #1 fan, my husband:

My parents, who compete for that #1 spot (with my father-in-law coming in at a near-tie):

And really, what other time can you pose by a half-naked golden man (at least in Utah)?

Finally, and best of all, I could show my kids my new meadow, I mean "medal." Some were more interested than others.


Maria Zannini said...

I'm not surprised it won. Well deserved!


Andrea said...


Heather B. Moore said...

Thank you, Maria and Andrea!

Nichole Giles said...

Congrats on another well deserved win. And love the pics by the half-naked gold man. Excellent.