Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Updates & Conferences

Lots going on.

Most significant. My "baby" turned 7 years old this past weekend. Her favorite present? A box of Lucky Charms all to herself.

Updates on my writing . . . last week I finished the first draft of ATHENA, part of The Newport Ladies Book Club series I'm writing with Annette Lyon, Josi Kilpack, and Julie Wright. We have a blog called The Newport Ladies Book Club blog, although there's not a lot on it . . . yet, but become a follower so that you can be updated at all times :)

Also, I'm getting editing notes back from my alpha readers for my YA speculative book THE BURNING. They are coming back very positive, with some great fixes as well.

This week my priority is to work on edits from my publisher for CHRIST's GIFTS TO WOMEN, which will be out Spring 2012.

AMMON should hit stores any day now. I'll be posting a list of signings very soon! I've received lots of great reviews, which are being posted on the side-bar, and I'm really excited to hear from all of you as well. BTW, AMMON will NOT be eligible for a 2011 Whitney. I'll be serving on the Whitney Committee this year, which means that any 2011 release is ineligible.


Some exciting conferences are coming up.

THE Teen Writers Conference will be June 18 at Weber State University. If your teen is interested in writing, this is a great conference. Details HERE. *Seating is limited and the registration deadline is June 8.

PEG Live Critiquing Workshop: August 13, American Fork Library. This is sponsored by my editing company and will include a day of live critiquing by my senior editors. It will be fantastic and very hands-on. Details are on the PEG Workshop blog. We've already had a great response, so please sign up early--seating is limited!

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