Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2011 LDS Storymakers--Wrap Up

I'm looking forward to reading reports from the conference this year.

My job on the committee was to host the visiting agents/editors with Laura Bingham. We started out with a few glitches that included one agent canceling, and another agent quitting his job as an agent (although he still ones one of the most popular agent blogs).

We also had to brown-nose Robison Wells a little to see if he'd invite his agent, Sara Crowe.

It was amazing how everything came together in the end and we landed three amazing agents, Sara Crowe of Harvey Klinger, Sara Megibow of Nelson Literary, Becca Stumpf of Prospect Agency, and fantastic editor, Marcia Markland, from St. Martins Press.


Agents: Sara Crowe, Sara Megibow, Becca Stumpf

On Thursday afternoon, I picked up Marcia Markland from the airport. She is a sweet and gracious woman and marveled at the expanse of blue sky in Utah. We went for a small tour around downtown SLC and found that we had something in common--we are both directionally challenged (Marcia, I know the temple is here somewhere, let's turn this way)--something that James Dashner pointed out later when a group of us were in The Van going to dinner.

With Marcia Markland at the Whitney Gala

Fast forward a couple of hours and ANWA writer, Karen Dupaix, arrived at the hotel with agent Becca Stumpf. Moment of surreal-ness when Becca and Julie Wright realized they'd met before at a conference in NY. We all had dessert and Becca proved to be very delightful and very funny.

Laura Bingham had brought agent Sara Megibow in earlier that afternoon, but she had a couple of clients to hook up. Pretty cool that 2 of her clients were coming to the conference. I didn't get to meet Sara Megibow until the next day, but she is definitely an agent who doesn't mix words. She exuded confidence and enthusiasm in every aspect.

Agent Sara Crowe flew in close to midnight, so we were able to connect at the welcome on Friday morning.

Me with writer Christy Dorrity

Throughout the conference, I was told repeatedly how great each of our guests were. All of the agents, and Marcia, requested manuscripts and gave excellent advice all the way around. They all came to the Whitney Gala on Saturday night and it was cool that one of Sara Crowe's clients, Dan Wells, won Best Novel.

Speaking of the Whitney's, two of my "upcoming" co-authors won their first Whitney Awards: Annette Lyon for Band of Sisters in the General category, and Julie Wright for Cross My Heart in the Romance category. It was weird, but I think I was more excited when they won, than when I won in previous years. (No, Alma the Younger didn't win but a most excellent book, Trespass by Sandra Grey, did. We had fun talking about our historical faux pas that we hope our readers don't notice.)

Me with Annette Lyon & Lisa Mangum at the Whitney Gala

Taking Marcia back to the airport she commented that this conference was the nicest one she's ever been to. She loved the people and marveled that she'd been treated so well. So, a big shout out to the conference attendees. Thanks for doing the committee proud!


ali said...

The conference really was excellent, as usual. And the guests were stellar. I felt so honored to have the opportunity to learn from them. Thank you!

Annette Lyon said...

The ladies in red picture turned out really great. :)

Wonderful conference! Loved meeting the Sara, Sara, Becca, and Marcia.

And thanks for the shout-out!

Angie said...

A huge thanks to everyone on the committee! You guys all did such a fabulous job. I enjoyed your self-editing class.

Rachelle said...

The conference was awesome. And it was fun to sit by you at the Whitney's! I'm excited to read your next book.

Jolene Perry said...

It was my first writer's conference EVER and it was really, really good. Had a blast so thanks!!

Heather B. Moore said...

I'm glad everyone enjoyed the conference. Jolene, you'll be hooked now :)

Julie Wright said...

Great recap! It was so much fun and so exciting and I loved being with you guys!

kamagra said...

It's was a great day everyone is their feel so blessed with you guys! Thank you for your great time and effort.