Monday, March 2, 2009

Book Group Night

Sandra, Me, Tristi, and Taffy

Book Group at Provident Book in PG. This picture was harder to perfect than it looks (just ask camera-woman, Karlene). Invariably in each shot, one person blinked (mostly me). So finally we got a blinkless one.

Check out Sandra's Review on Abinadi. I think it' s one of the most thorough that I've ever read!

Each month Provident Book hosts an author. Upcoming authors include Rachel Nunes, Josi Kilpack, Annette Lyon and Tristi Pinkston. They are a lot of fun!

You can sign up to be on their newsletter list and get reminders that way. The bookstore is beautiful--it also has toys, gifts and yummy goodies!


Josi said...

I"m so glad you had a good time, I've been following your visit since I go there in April. Glad it worked out so well.

Heather B. Moore said...

Also, it's advertised as a "ladies book club" but the owner said men are welcome :)

Kimberly said...

Looks like a fun time was had!

Finally have my review of Abinadi posted - sorry it's taken me so long. At last I gave up on finding the right words and here it is:

Heather B. Moore said...

Thanks, Kimberly! I'll get the link up.

Taffy said...

Ok. I look really like a hippie or something in the pictures. I will NEVER wear that combo again! Next time I am totally in a Prom dress! :)

Heather B. Moore said...

Taffy--I double-dog dare you!