Monday, December 3, 2007

Meridian Magazine Review

Thanks to Jennie Hansen, reviewer for Meridian Magazine, this came out last week:

H.B. Moore's Land of Inheritance lives up to the grand proportions of the scriptural epic tale found in the Book of Mormon. This final book in her Out Of Jerusalem series begins with the death of Lehi and encompasses the events leading up to the separation of Lehi's followers into two camps, through the escalation of enmity between the two factions, and concludes at the point where Jacob is ready to assume the spiritual leadership of the Nephites.

Moore addresses several questions concerning what the voyagers found when they arrived in their promised land, the dark skin curse mentioned in the Book of Mormon, priesthood authority, language, and prophecy. She relies heavily on the research done by both noted Book of Mormon and Mesoamerican scholars. Her assertions are well documented in chapter notes at the back of the book.

Though the research behind this book is scholarly, it would be a mistake to assume the book is a summation of dry historical facts. It is a story of emotional and spiritual growth. It's a fascinating study of diversity within a family and the various dynamics that involves. It is also a tender love story between Nephi and his wife. Though this portion of the story is fictional, it is readily believable.

There is also a budding romance between a younger couple, and one of a marriage torn apart by mistaken loyalties. A powerful message concerning repentance and forgiveness is given. The separation into two camps drives home the awfulness of civil war within a family where faith, love, and loyalties are tried to the limit.

Both the quality of writing and the deft manner in which the author ties together scripture and fiction point out how much the author's storytelling ability has matured since the beginning of this series. To begin with, I assumed this series would appeal primarily to young adults, but with this volume, Moore has solidly established herself as a writer for any age level. The first part of Land of Inheritance has few typos, but the latter part has several irritating, but minor, errors that disrupt the smooth flow of this remarkably well-done volume.


Stephanie Black said...

Fantastic review, Heather! Congrats!

Heather B. Moore said...

Thanks, Stephanie. I'm not sure what the errors are since I haven't read the final book yet.

Julie Wright said...

great review! You are awesome!