Friday, September 14, 2007

Review by Dayna Davis

Another review is in for Land of Inheritance

Out of Jerusalem Vol. 4: Land of Inheritance
Reviewed by Dayna Davis, Staff Writer

In this final installment of the “Out of Jerusalem” series, Lehi’s family has been living in the Promised Land. There is an uneasy truce between brothers as families are settling in and establishing their homes. Then Lehi dies. The last tie holding the family together is gone. The family must make decisions and choose sides.

H.B. Moore brings the Book of Mormon to life through her meticulous research and creative talents. Moore helps us to read “between the lines” of Nephi’s account and gives us a stronger connection to early prophets through this compelling book.

What I truly love about this particular novel is the portrayal of good versus evil. I thought it was illustrated well throughout that a side must be chosen. Good or evil. God or not. Then once the side is chosen, there is no middle ground anymore.

This series continues to make me relate to and care about Nephi’s family - as I would friends. H.B. Moore has a gift for drawing you into the middle of the story and making it real. This last book in the “Out of Jerusalem” series is a intriguing read – one you won’t be able to put down. I'm really going to miss this family as presented through these books.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that I am currently reading volumn 4. I have throughly enjoyed them to the point that I have re-read them more than once, all three. I listen to them at work and when I drive. I sure do hope you keep some interest with ongoing stories or more in the Book of Mormon. Thanks for the wonderful stories and helping me love the scriptures more and more.
Benjamin McEwen

Josi said...

Benjamin, Dayna and I might start a petition for you to continue the series, Heather. Sorry, but when you create something this powerful, we can't allow you to stop.

My apologies :-)

Heather B. Moore said...

Thanks, Benjamin. I'm so glad you've enjoyed them. I am writing another Book of Mormon series.

Josi, you're funny. I hope you'll like the new series just as much :)