Saturday, July 28, 2007

I Did It

I feel like singing the Dora song, We Did It, and doing a little dance.

Wednesday I finished the last touch-ups on my Queen manuscript. It topped off at 139,000 words--big in my eyes, but small in J.K's. Then I printed 2 copies. One for LuAnn (thanks in advance) and one for me to read straight through. I've done quite a bit of rewriting over the last few months so I needed to make sure it flows. In fact, I completely changed the ending and the last 150 pages are relatively new material.

One of the last research items I worked on was finding an ancient snake charmer's chant. Something that might have been said in Aramaic in the tenth century, but has been passed down through the generations. I had some trouble. So I modified a goddess chant for now.

Thursday and Friday I read the 540 pages of Queen, making minor editing changes here and there. No fatal flaws stood out. So I hope I'm safe.

Interestingly enough, my son asked me Friday if anyone has found the Queen of Sheba's tomb and if she's a real person.

I said, "Those were my EXACT questions, and that's why I wrote this book."

Then he said, "Mom, you've been writing this book forever."

"Yup. Forever."

You can read the first few chapters on my website here.


Tristi Pinkston said...

Heather, I'm so excited for this book to come out!

Heather B. Moore said...

Um, yeah. I just need an agent :O)

Anne Bradshaw said...

Way to go, Heather!! That is so brilliant. YOU are so brilliant. This book is a definite must-read. Hope it finds a publisher soon.

Lu Ann Brobst Staheli said...

I tagged you over at my blog. And, this book is SOOOOOO great, you will get that agent. I'll read more tonight and try to have it ready for you next week.

Julie Wright said...

YAY Heather!!!!! This books was awesome when it was a short book I bet it only got better from there!