Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Today I submitted my next biblical novel: ANNA THE PROPHETESS! Hoping for a fall 2018 release. Here's my submission letter to the publisher.

Dear ****,
I’m excited to submit my next biblical novel, tentatively titled ANNA THE PROPHETESS.

Anna is the only woman called a prophetess in the Gospels. Anna became a widow after a seven-year marriage, and there is no mention of whether she has children, a grave challenge in Ancient Israel. Anna is, therefore, a woman whose life took a painful, unexpected turn.

 In ANNA THE PROPHETESS, Anna continues in her devotion to the Lord despite her challenges and determines to serve Him the remainder of her days. In Luke 2:36–38, we read about a remarkable event in which Mary and Joseph take their infant son to the temple for the purification rites. There, they are greeted by Anna, who then prophesies of His divinity.

Interconnected with Anna’s story of devotion is the story of her great-niece, Julia. The lives of these two faithful women intersect as they each search for the Lord’s will in their lives and develop their testimonies of the Savior.

I hope readers will be drawn towards Anna’s character, both as an affirming story about the divinity of women, and her example of faithfully enduring to the end while embracing the light of the Savior.

My best,
Heather Moore

Also, RUTH is now up for sale. Hope you enjoy it!

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