Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Help sweet romance hit the USA Today Bestselling list!

Help sweet romance hit the USA Today Bestselling list!

If you haven’t seen my post on Facebook yet, I am selling a 7-romance novel box set ROMANCE THROUGH THE AGES for only 99 cents this week on all ebook platforms. My novel, Heart of the Ocean, a 2013 Whitney award finalist, is part of the box set, along with clean romances from NY Times Bestselling author Amy Harmon, Janette Rallison, Heather Horrocks, Diane Darcy, Karey White, and Rachael Anderson. I have read all of the romances in this box set and they are sweet and clean. If you haven’t noticed, the romances that top the bestseller charts are always erotic or dark, steamy novels. It’s time to bring a little sweetness to the world!

The box set has a compilation of 800 four-and-five star reviews on Amazon. All of authors have won awards and are very talented. 5 are contemporary romances. 2 are historical romances. You can’t go wrong no matter what your preference.

You don’t have to buy it… that’s not what I’m asking, but please forward this email to your friends who love to read. They’d love a 7-book deal for 99 cents. The price will be going up soon and in a couple of months we will be discontinuing the box set.

If we get enough sales this week, by February 8th, we’ll hit the USA Today & New York Times lists which means the sweet romance writers will get recognition for once… bringing sweet love stories to lift and edify and strengthen love in the home and in marriages.


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More about the authors:

Amy Harmon: I read Amy Harmon’s book when she decided to join our box set. I knew within the first few chapters why she’s a NY Times bestseller. Her writing is beautiful and her stories poignant and touching.

Janette Rallison: I’ve read ALL of Janette Rallison’s novels… she writes mostly for the Young Adult national audience. My daughters have also loved her books. She has always kept her books clean, funny, sweet, and she is stellar at dialog.

Rachael Anderson: I first read one of her books when I was judging a contest. I was pleasantly surprised. But I didn’t read another one until I saw that The Reluctant Bachelorette was topping the charts and getting tons of reviews. So I had to see what all the fuss was about. I loved the story and have since read her other books as well.

Heather Horrocks: I also read one of Heather’s books when judging a contest. I thought it was witty and intriguing. It lead me to invite her to join in one of my romance anthologies, and her story in there was hilarious. Heather proves to be a great writer, full of wit and charm, with a dash of mystery and romance thrown in. She’s also a bit of a perfectionist—so you know you’ll get something well done every time!

Karey White: When I saw the title of her latest book, My Own Mr. Darcy, I clicked “buy.” On impulse, of course. I had seen her books, but hadn’t read any yet. I love everything Jane Austen, and I absolutely loved Karey’s modern retelling. When she agreed to be a part of the box set, I was very excited.

Diane Darcy: I’ve admired her work from afar and don’t know Diane personally. I loved her Princess Problem novella so much that I invited to be a part of one of my anthologies. She agreed (it just came out: Love Letter Collection), and of course after reading her novella, I bought She Owns the Knight. It’s full of humor, crazy twists and turns, as you’d expect a time-traveling medieval romance to be.

Heather B. Moore: Me!

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have loved every Carla Kelly book I have read. clean romance