Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Yes I'm still here

Yesterday was a horrible day that contained two natural disasters by my three year old, who broke some antique china from my great-grandmother . . . and that same three year old spilled BLACK PAINT on our BRAND NEW carpet. (By the way, I was NOT writing when any of these occurred).

Today was better . . . she only got into my makeup and chewed all the gum in my purse. At least she hasn't cut her hair in a few months (knocking on wood).

The results are in:

Land of Inheritance is a finalist in two categories of The Whitney Awards: Best Novel of 2007 and Best Historical.

Shocked? Me too.

But what's pretty cool are the other finalists. I've read about 50% of the books, so now I want to read the rest.

Check it all out here: Whitney Awards


Janette Rallison said...

Congrats! I'll see you soon. Are we suppoesed to dress up for this?

Michele Holmes said...

Laughing WITH you, Heather. We've had a whole gallon of white paint spilled on our brown carpet before (it was being used to hold up a fort)---that was a good five years ago, and we're still walking around on the same carpet. Hope yours cleaned up as well.
Has your daughter cut the magnets out of the shower curtain yet? Taken apart your washing machine? Strung a 50+ yard ball of twine around everything possible in your backyard?
Hate to tell you this, but Rose is smart . . . and that means trouble!
Good luck :)

Karlene said...

Congrats on making the Whitney finals.

Maria Zannini said...

Congrats, Heather!

...and commiserations on the natural disasters. Just think how you'll laugh about this in the future---waaaaaay in the future. :o)

Tamra Norton said...

Oy! So sorry about the china! And the carpet...

But yay for you on being a finalist. That's just awesome!

Josi said...

Big congrats on the Whitney's, I loved that book and was thrilled to see you in the best novel category.

Heather Moore said...

Hey, it will be fun to see all of you at the Storymaker conference. We can all hold our breath during the gala.

Maria, thanks for your response. I need to get over to your blog!