Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Submitted! The Moses Chronicles, Volume 3: Exodus

A couple of weeks later than I hoped, I submitted the 3rd volume in The Moses Chronicles series, titled Exodus. I'm really excited for this series to wrap-up, and it's strange to think that I've completed it, since #2 Deliverance isn't out yet (coming in March 2016).

Here's my cover letter to my publisher:

Dear ****,

I’m excited to submit Exodus, the third book in The Moses Chronicles series.  As the final book in the series, the story of Moses continues as he sends many plagues to Egypt directed by the Lord to convince Pharaoh Ramses to release the Hebrews from slavery.

Moses has reunited with his Hebrew family in Goshen, but he has more challenges than convincing the pharaoh of Egypt to release the Hebrew slaves. With four-hundred years of slavery and tradition running among the Hebrews, Moses greatest challenge is to convince the Hebrews to trust in him and to trust in the Lord's power to deliver them.

Moses’s brother Aaron has been called to serve as his spokesperson, but even Aaron can’t comfort some of the Hebrews as the pharaoh rejects their requests time and time again, despite the debilitating plagues that are ravishing the land.

As Pharaoh Ramses continues to deny requests made by Moses and Aaron, the plagues come swift and hard to the land of Egypt, destroying the infrastructure and economy, leaving the Egyptians destitute. But the pharaoh’s heart remains hard, and even as the final terrifying plague takes the lives of all the firstborn of Egypt, Ramses’s isn’t ready to release the children of Israel without a fight.

When the Hebrews finally escape Egypt, traveling through the miraculous parting of the Red Sea, they learn that their lives in slavery had been a trusted and secure way to live, and now they are faced with starvation and impoverishment in a harsh desert. Moses and the Hebrews must learn to rely on the Lord in all things, even with their very lives.

Exodus is complete at 84,000 words. I look forward to hearing from you.

My best,

Heather Moore

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