Thursday, April 30, 2015


I just submitted the 2nd book in The Moses Chronicles series: DELIVERANCE. One day before the release of book 1: BONDAGE.

Coming tomorrow... BONDAGE:

Below is the submission letter I wrote to Covenant for DELIVERANCE, book 2:

I’m excited to submit DELIVERANCE, the second book in The Moses Chronicles series.  As we discussed earlier, the story of Moses in the Book of Exodus is not a single-volume endeavor. The exodus of the children of Israel encompasses more than two dozen chapters in the book of Exodus, and this epic story deserves epic treatment.

Book 2, Deliverance, is complete at 79,000 words.

Moses is on the run. Forced to flee his homeland of Egypt after having killed an Egyptian. And he’s reeling from the secret his Egyptian mother revealed right before his departure—that Moses was born to a Hebrew family. Overwhelmed and shocked to learn the truth of his birth, Moses wanders in the wilderness with no destination in sight. He is soon captured by the Hobab tribe and forced to work as a slave in order to pay his passage through their land. Moses earns their respect and even defends the tribesmen in a skirmish with an enemy tribe. 

As Moses continues his journey, he arrives at an oasis near the Midianite settlement, but the water is bitter. Exhausted, he falls asleep. When he awakens, he discovers that the oasis is overrun with a flock of sheep and several women who are caring for them. Moments later, a group of shepherds invade the oasis, scattering the flock and bullying the women.

Moses defends the women against the intruding shepherds and drives them off after a fierce battle. One of the women, Zipporah, treats his wounds and insists that he come with them to their father’s tent to recuperate. This begins the relationship between Moses and Zipporah, a woman who Moses never expected to find in his exile, a woman he can start a new life with and begin to answer his questions about faith and family.

I look forward to hearing from you.
My best,
Heather Moore


Thea Kern said...

Just finished Bondage. So good! I love all your scriptural novels. I can't possibly wait for #2 to come out and get to Canada. I love reading my scriptures along with the books. It brings the scriptures to life for me. I have learned so much reading them together. Thank you for sharing your gift. It is miraculous!

Heather Moore said...

Thanks so much, Thea! I'm thrilled that you loved BONDAGE :-)