Monday, May 13, 2013

Storymakers Conference 2013

The LDS Storymakers Writers Conference is always a huge highlight of my year. I frequently serve on some sort of committee (and was the co-chair with Annette Lyon a few years ago), teach workshops, host agents/editors, run pitch sessions, etc. This year I served as the Whitney President, and at the last minute I was asked to host Harlequin editor Victoria Curran, which I was so happy to accept.

Here are some pictures (I'll keep adding as they are posted, since I didn't bring my camera):

 Critique Group (butterchurns): 
Jeff Savage, Michele Holmes, Annette Lyon, Sarah Eden, Me 
(missing: Rob Wells & Lu Ann Staheli)

In orange: Me, Taffy Lovell, Melanie Jacobson, TJ Bronley
 Me, Taffy Lovell, Julie Daines & Julie Wright at Whitney Gala

Stephanie Black & Me at Whitney Gala

Victoria Curran (Harlequin Editor) & Me at Whitney Gala


Taffy said...

I wish I would have gotten a picture with Victoria! I loved her.
Good times and lots of info @ Storymakers. Excellent conference, Heather! Looking forward to next year's.

Krista Raven said...

Super fun!!!

Heather Moore said...

I agree, Taffy. Victoria is wonderful.

Thanks, Krista :-)