Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Book Release: A Sisterhood of Strength by Diony George

In 2011, author Diony George contacted me about contributing a story to her upcoming inspirational book, A Sisterhood of Strength. I wrote about a couple of experiences that I had with friendship among women and submitted them to Diony. She included both of them in the book:

Chapter 26: The Service of Friendship
Chapter 27: Sharing the Gospel

Friendship has been incredibly important in my life. I've learned the almost anyone can become a friend. There are threads that connect us, and once we find those threads, it's amazing the blessings that can come from our association.

In Diony's book, I write about one of my earliest friends, Abby, who I knew when I lived in Egypt as an 8-year old. Being from monochromatic Utah, my first impression of her was "she looked like chocolate." We kept in touch for many years after our 2nd grade year together.

I also write about a dear friend I knew while living in California. We are opposites in so many ways, she's short, I'm tall, she's Mexican, I'm Caucasian, she's outgoing, I'm reserved, she's Catholic, I'm Mormon. She's also one of the most incredible and kind-hearted person I've ever met.

A Sisterhood of Strength is filled with wonderful vignettes about friendships between women and the tender way in which we can serve each other.

If you have a chance to read the book, please let me know what you think!

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About Diony George:
I met Diony in 2008 when she was writing her first novel, Torn Apart, an incredible story based on her true-life experiences of when her life was shattered by her then-husband's horrible secrets. She is also the author of a second novel, Imperfectly Beautiful. Website here

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