Monday, December 12, 2011

December updates

LDS Storymakers Writers Conference:

*Registration is now open for the 2012 LDS Storymakers Conference. It's a great conference and there are several agents and editors coming. It will be held at the Provo Marriott. The conference will also be followed by the Whitney Award Gala. If you've read any great novels by LDS author this year, be sure to nominate them at the Whitney Award website. The book doesn't have to be LDS in nature, just written by an LDS author.

Upcoming Releases:

*I'm really excited to start talking about The Newport Ladies Book Club series. This is a co-author project that I worked on with Julie Wright, Josi Kilpack, and Annette Lyon. The first book in the series: Olivia (by Julie Wright) will be out February 2012. More details are on the Newport Ladies Book Club blog.

*Next month I'll be compiling a list of reviewers for Christ's Gifts to Women. This is a short, non-fiction gift book that I've co-written with Angela Eschler. The release date is March 2012. So watch for the blog where I'll send out review guidelines.

*I've finished edits for Daughters of Jared, a historical novel that will be out May 2012. It still have to go through design and final copyedits and proofreading, but the bulk of the work (on my end) is done.

*This month I had an article published on Mary, Mother of Christ in YourLDSNeighborhood newsletter. You can read it on YourLDSblog.

*Later this month, a chapter from Women of the Book of Mormon will be serialized in Meridian Magazine. I'll post the link on my Facebook page when it comes out.

Work in Progress:
I'm doing revisions on my new historical novel, Adam and Eve, which I hope to submit at the end of this week if all goes well. Then, hopefully, I can ditch the computer and face the Christmas shopping crowds.

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