Thursday, February 10, 2011

Writers Conferences--Not to Miss!

The Storymakers Conference committee is holding a great contest this month called "Show Your Love"--prizes will include a 30-page manuscript critique from agent Sara Megibow (Nelson Literary Agency), a reserved seat next to agent Sara Crowe (#2 National best-selling YA Agent), reserved seat next to James Dashner (New York Times Bestselling author who is really cool), reserved seat next to Marcia Markland (Senior Editor at St Martins Press--agents are great, but editors make the decisions!), and more!

So I'm not entering the contest, since I know all of these people, but yeah--you should! Check out the contest rules on the Make Me a Story blog and also find out more about the Storymakers Conference here.

Another great upcoming conference is the 3-day LTUE at BYU. Cost is minimal and there are many incredible speakers lined up!

And, if you are tired of the freezing cold weather, ANWA is holding their annual writers conference in a couple weeks in Phoenix. Author Chris Stewart is the keynote. Check it out here!

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Anthony Lewinski said...

Dear Writer’s Lair,

I'm a Latter Day Saint and avid reader of short stories who has come across a recent item that I believe all Mormons, especially Mormon writers, should be aware of.

A short story titled "Blind Faith Thwarted" has appeared on the internet ( and, on his blog (, the author states that it was "inspired" by an incident in Rexburg during November 2008, when school children were documented chanting "assassinate Obama".

I find this story to be a direct affront to the righteous citizens of Rexburg as well as all LDS members. Given the names, phrases, and terms use in the text, it seems to be a deliberately anti-Mormon work.

This said, I believe that the author and his opportunistic exploitation of an unfortunate and very isolated incident should be rebuked/censured by all Mormons. In view of the recent Giffords' tragedy in Arizona and attempts to link church member Glenn Beck to this senseless act, I believe the LDS members should be aware of this attack on their community of faith and common values.

I am an occasional visitor to a variety of LDS blogs and find myself compelled to “get the word out” regarding this abomination, particularly to LDS members who are interested in artistic expression.

Not sure if this will get any traction but I just had to vent.

Thanks for listening.