Monday, June 7, 2010

Israel Part 2

Some exciting news: I picked up copies of my newest book a few days ago. ALMA THE YOUNGER is now available in stores. Just in time for Father's Day. You can also order on-line HERE.

More on the Israel Trip:

As I was loading pictures from my camera, I discovered that "someone" didn't do her full share of walking. Yes, we walked a lot and each day was filled to the brim . . . but STILL . . .

Hitching a ride in the "City of David"

Riding a camel in Bethany.

Catching a ride in the "old city"

Hitching another ride at the Church of the Nativity (Bethlehem)

The day we went to the "city of David" was really hot and there were a lot of stairs.

Catching a ride at "Hezekiah's Tunnel"

I guess my son really did deserve a nap in the Tel Aviv airport:


Angie said...

Such cute pictures. I'd hitch a ride too if I could. Glad you had a fun trip. Congrats on your book!

Allyson Condie said...

What an amazing trip. And what cute, nice kids. I'm impressed!

Heather B. Moore said...

Thanks Angie.

Allyson, I saw an ARC of Matched the other day, but the person who had it wouldn't lend it to me (I'm still trying to wear him down).

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Oh my! What a lucky sister to have a nice brother who would piggy back her around all day. =)

Julie Wright said...

Awesome!! Wish I could have sneaked in your bags and gone with

Rachael Renee Anderson said...

What an incredible experience and memories to give your children. Someday, I hope to do the same.

Taffy said...

Cute pictures and children! Thanks for sharing with us, Heather!

Heather B. Moore said...

It's weird to think that we were there and now we're back :)