Monday, March 29, 2010

Sample Chapters for WOMEN here

You can read the Preface and Chapter One of Women of the Book of Mormon HERE.

Thanks to the following reviewers who posted reviews for Women:

Stephanie Humphreys on Write Bravely

Kathi Oram Peterson on Kathi's Writing Nook

This is the FINAL week of the 6 week book giveaway! Which means . . . Women of the Book of Mormon is almost on the shelves!

To be entered:

1. You as the blogger make a comment and answer today's question.

2. Become a blog follower (if you aren't already)

3. On Thursday I'll pick a favorite answer or do a drawing if it's too hard to choose. I'll announce the winner here, and the winner can choose any of my novels as a prize.

Question of the Week #5:
What has been your favorite Mother's Day gift to give or receive?

I love books, of course, and I frequently buy book for my mom or mom-in-law. I always love to get anything homemade--a card or a picture from one of my kids. But my favorite was when my son got 3rd place in a 5k and won a gift certificate for a massage. He gave it to me for Mother's Day. I thought it was extra thoughtful of a 13 year old.


Taffy said...

I do nothing on Mother's Day! That is the bestest gift EVER. My hubby and chitlins make all meals, clean up and let me take naps all day (last year I took THREE naps).
The next best gift is a book and chocolates.

Charles said...

Well, Heather, my mom passed on about a year ago. She was very important to me as most moms are. I did get my mom temporal gifts because she deserved them, but truthfully, for best gift I gave my mom for Mother's day was something I gave to her as often as I could, a hug and a kiss and the words I love you. So simple and yet so meaningful.


Heather B. Moore said...

Taffy, naps are the best!

Charlie, it sounds like your mother was very blessed :-)

Cedar Fort said...

So, I'm not a mom yet, but I want to enter because this book looks awesome! My favorite gift to give to my mom are things like journals or a book I got her named "Share your stories Mother" (It was published by Cedar Fort.) I like giving her things like that because I want to read about her dreams, life, sadness's, happiness, and basically everything I can about her. When she passes on someday, I will have those to remember her by. Her words, and thoughts, which mean a million things to me!

Good luck on your book launch. :)


Heather B. Moore said...


That's a really great idea!

Rebecca Irvine said...

My favorite gift is always time with my children. I love taking a walk with them and talking about whatever they want to--going somewhere together or making a craft together. I so often feel I do not get any fun time with my kids, so I take time on Mother's Day just to have fun.

Heather B. Moore said...

That's a great idea, Becky, making Mother's Day a time when you can do relaxing things with the kids (after those naps that Taffy takes!)