Monday, March 15, 2010

6 Week Book Giveaway

Thanks to Julie Ford who reviewed Women of the Book of Mormon HERE. She came to me for some editing help awhile back and we became fast friends. She recently signed a 2-book contract with a publisher. Pretty exciting!

And a quick announcement, my author friend Tristi Pinkston has a new book coming out soon, a mystery called The Secret Sisters. In conjunction with the book release, she is also helping a charity: collecting socks (and donations for socks) for The Road Home homeless shelter. Check out the details here.

So . . . onto the contest:

Contest rules:
In celebration of my upcoming book, WOMEN OF THE BOOK OF MORMON, here are the RULES:

Each Monday, I'll post a random question here. To be entered:
1. You as the blogger will make a comment (answer to the question of the week of course)
2. Become a blog follower (if you aren't already)
3. On Thursday of the same week, I'll pick a favorite answer or do a drawing if it's too hard to choose. I'll announce the winner here, and the winner can choose any of my novels as a prize.

Question of the Week #4:

Since I pretty much forgot to post today until about 2 minutes ago, I thought it would be fun to find out things that you've forgotten to do. A few years ago I forgot that I had a babysitter coming over so that I could go get a hair cut. When she called me to ask why I hadn't picked her up yet, it all came rushing back.

So, what's something you've forgotten lately (or not-so-lately)?


Maria Zannini said...

Does forgetting my age count?

I realized this year that I was an extra year for the past few months.

What a relief that I was actually a year younger!

--sorry I've been absent of late. Even my husband wondered if I was ever going to pull my head up from my work.

Andrea said...

My oldest is in Kindergarten this year, and Wednesdays are early out days. One day early in the school year I offered to pick up three neighbor kids, and then totally forgot that it was early out! I got to the school just as they were shepherding all of the kids to the office. What a day to forget.

Heather B. Moore said...

Lol, Maria! As long as you are younger than you think you are :-)

Andrea, that sounds like something I would do!

Krista said...

Thinking of times I've forgotten something is easy. Narrowing it down is hard.
Just this last Saturday I forgot my son's baseball tryouts until my husband (who was on a business trip in AZ) called and asked why we weren't at the tryouts, because our friend had called him wondering where our son was.
Blah. I threw on a baseball cap and hurried my son over there. Ugh.
the sad part is, I was this way before I started writing. You can imagine how I am NOW.

Heather B. Moore said...

Krista--I've been there. I've had the wrong time written down for some of my kid's games before. Coaches weren't happy.