Monday, February 22, 2010

6 Week Book Giveaway!!

Since the time has literally creeped up on my for my next book's release date, Women of the Book of Mormon, we'll have to settle for a 6 week book giveaway.

So, in anticipation and celebration of my upcoming book, here are the RULES:

Each Monday, I'll post a random question here.

To be entered:
1. You as the blogger will make a comment (answer to the question of the week of course)
2. Become a blog follower (if you aren't already)

On Thursday of the same week, I'll pick a favorite answer or do a drawing if it's too hard to choose. I'll announce the winner here, and the winner can choose any of my novels as a prize.

Question of Week #1:

Since Spring Break is coming in April, I thought it would be fun to see what your favorite spring break vacation was, either with your kids or growing up. In Utah, we used to have short spring break's, but now they are a full week. Last year we went to Palm Springs with another family. It was great--read three books, did a lot of swimming and eating :) How about you?


roxy said...

We like to visit Cannon Beach on the Oregon coast, and sometimes we take a few days and head to Cedar City to see a few Shakespearean plays. St. George is always fun.

Rebecca Irvine said...

My family has never been one to go one spring break vacations :-(. Both of my parents were always too busy with work. Now as an adult money has typically been the issue. Many of the families in my neighborhood head down to Rocky Point for the week.

Heather B. Moore said...

I need to revisit a Shakesperean play at Cedar City someday. I haven't been since high school. You can't go wrong at the beach either.

Becky, is Rocky Point a resort?

Krista said...

For a stretch of 5 years, we lived in an 80+ year old bungalow fixer-upper. Every spring break (just after tax return, of course) we tackled a major project or two on the house. New windows, storm door, patch crumbling stucco exterior, paint, floors, tile, you get the point. My husband and I looked forward to it every year... kinda. It was a love-hate thing.
After one of these to-do filled weeks, I picked the kids up from school and we walked home.
"Um, Mom?" asked the 4th grader, "did you know that people go DO things for SPRING BREAK?"
"Yeah!" Piped up the 2nd grader,"Zack went to DISNEYLAND."
The 4th grader nodded her head deliberately. "And Taylor went to MEXICO. THEY. HAD. FUN."


Karlene said...

Florida, the newly opened DisneyWorld, with my Girl Scout Troop. Totally dates me, I know, but there you go.

Heather B. Moore said...

Krista, that is a riot! Your kids will remember renovating for a long time :)

Karlene--I don't know when Disney World opened, so your age is safe with me. (I guess I could google it. lol)

Michelle said...

We never had long spring breaks either so growing up we didn't do any major trips! The last few years I have always been expecting a baby "right" before spring break-therefore we have big plans...that are just gettting bigger and bigger. Last child and we will find something BIG next year! YIPPEE!!

ps. My 5 yr old told my husband she couldn't wait for next winter when mom will fit in her snow clothes and want to build a snowman and play outside with her. :(

Michelle said...

I seem to always be expecting a baby right by Spring Break so our plans have been on hold! Last baby so we will HAVE to plan something BIG next Spring Break!! Boring I know!!

Heather B. Moore said...

5 year olds are awesome :)

Lisa said...

My family most often heads south seeking sunshine, we like to bike in and around Moab. Big into hiking and finding new petroglyphs. We don't get too far afield because we have so much to see and do in our own backyard. (No I don't work for the visitor council of Utah)

Anonymous said...

Does working count as a fun Spring break activity? No, I didn't think so. But my family never really went anywhere, and once I was old enough to have a job, I always wanted the extra money, so I worked extra hours. Poor me... What have I missed?

Heather B. Moore said...

Lisa, we went to Moab over fall break and really enjoyed it. We didn't bring bikes, but visited Arches, etc. My son wants to go back with his bike.

Kim, working is always a viable option as long as you get vacation another time of the year :-)