Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Reading, reading

I've been putting off posting because I'm expecting a cover for Women of the Book of Mormon soon. It's not quite ready, so I'll update you on everything else.

Made it through the holidays (my son had pneumonia, so we were moving slower than usual) and through my birthday (still in my 30's, though just barely), and through edits on Women.

I've been doing a lot of reading. It seems I go in cycles. I read a ton of books in September, and now that I'm not actively writing anything new, I'm back to reading. It might also have something to do with volleyball season and the fact that I spend literally most of the weekend sitting in a gym (I'm not playing, my daughter is).

Here are two excellent books that I've read in the past couple of weeks that I think deserve mention. Both are either self-published or published with a small press (it's hard to tell without research):

Gravity vs the Girl by Riley Noehren

Counting the Cost by Liz Adair


Maria Zannini said...

Ref: my son had pneumonia,

That's scary. Slow or fast, glad he's recovered.

Heather B. Moore said...

Thanks, Maria. He's a pretty healthy kid otherwise. After a major dose of antibiotics, and about a week of doing nothing, he was much better.

Andrea said...

How old were you when your first book was published? Here I thought you must be older than I am since you're all accomplished and everything, and it sounds like I'm about a year older than you (30 is creeping up on me in a few weeks). :)

Allyson Condie said...

I'm glad your son is doing better. How scary!

Thanks for the book recommendations, and I can't wait to see the cover of YOUR book.

And happy belated birthday!

Heather B. Moore said...

Thanks, Ally! I gave my nephew a copy of your Freshman for President book for his birthday--can't wait for your next books :)

Andrea, I wrote my first book when I was 30 in 2001. It still hasn't been published. My 3rd manuscript was the first one published and that was in 2004.

Andrea said...

Oh, I read the post wrong. Must be too concerned about turning 30 myself. :) Happy belated birthday though.

Terresa said...

Sorry to hear your son had pneumonia, glad he's much better now. *Whew!*

I'm in a bit of a reading jag, too, now. Maybe it's the colder weather that has me wanting to slow down and snuggle in bed with a book or two.

I just finished, "Catching fire" and now reading "The wee free men" as well as finishing up "Bird by bird." All are lovely books!!

Heather B. Moore said...

Terresa, I read Catching Fire, but I'll have to check out those other books.