Monday, September 7, 2009

ALMA Blog Tour & The Hidden Branch

Sheila Staley of the LDS Womens Book Review podcast posted her review and a short interview she did with me on her blog today. Sheila is one great woman--she teaches school and she is an aspiring writer. She's very fun to be with and has an awesome sense of humor (which you can kind of tell by the title of her blog :)

This is a picture of me with the LDS Womens' podcast ladies when we were all at the Whitney Award Gala last April. Check out Sheila's blog, as well as the podcast. Annette Lyon and I were interviewed in Episode #35, and I just saw they have Episode #36 up--with Josi Kilpack and Michele Paige Holmes, two of my favorite authors.

If you love mysteries, you need to check out the giveaway that GG Vandagriff is doing for her latest romantic suspense novel: The Hidden Branch. Anyone who purchases her book online or in the store before September 17th will qualify for the Alex and Briggie gift package and a chance to win an autographed set of the entire series.
1. Email GG your name and address (email is listed on her website:
2. Tell GG where you bought the book

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