Friday, July 24, 2009

Week #6--Winner

This week's winner is Chantele! Congrats! Chantele takes part in a few different blogs. This is her book review one. Email me at: heather at hbmoore dot com and let me know which book you want me to mail you.

(For details about this 10-week book give-away contest and how you can be entered, visit here)

Also, happy 24th everyone. For those outside of Utah, July 24th is Pioneer Day. If you work for a local company, you'll get the day off. If you don't, you won't. Many cities have parades, festivities and fireworks. Kind of like the 4th of July, only more specialized. It's to celebrate the time of year when the Mormon pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake Valley (way back in 1847). There is quite a large parade downtown Salt Lake City. I can't ever remember going, even though I was raised (reared) here. But fellow author, Rob Wells, decided to use his writer's block and build a float for it. You can see his handywork here. So for all of you writers who are having a hard time in that sagging middle of your book, you might consider building a float. Just don't fall off a ladder like Rob did.

The picture below is not of Rob and his float, or anyone related to Rob, but they are my 4 kids. A couple of weeks ago we visited the Mormon Pioneer trail, the location of the "this is the place" marker (there are other monuments in the Salt Lake Valley, but this one really IS the place). It was very cool to overlook the valley--and it was the same time of year that the Mormon pioneers would have laid eyes on it for the first time. I don't know how the heck they made it down the canyon with the handcarts and/or wagons. You can see the valley in the distance (right side). And if you are wondering, yes, my kids dress themselves. The only requirement from me is that they are "modest"--which means something different depending on the kid.

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