Tuesday, July 14, 2009

10-Week Book Giveaway--Week #5

10 Week Countdown to the release of my new book: Alma

We are half way there. For details about this contest visit here.

But basically, all you have to do is answer this week's question in the comments and on Friday, I'll choose one of the names and announce the winner.

This Week's Question:

What things have worked or helped you maintain a regular exercise schedule?

Or are you like me and find it very hard to stay motivated, and to carve out the time several times a week? I've joined gyms, taken different classes, hit the road, walked the park. It seems that it changes a little every few months. I've gone without exercising for stretches of time, I've used the elliptical, I've taken my kids to the rec center. It seems that in order to stay marginally fit, exercise has to be a part of my lifestyle. Right now, I try to get up early about 3x a week (7 am) and go walking/jogging for a couple of miles. But when life becomes stressful with deadlines, kids, etc. I don't exercise as much--but in reality, that's probably when it would help the most.


Sandra said...

For me it has to be:
1) fun
2) doable from the beginning- no hard routines to memorize, etc
3) able to do it at home because I hate having to get ready to go and then going

So I do either an exercise CD or use my recumbant bike and I am getting a treadmill next week.

My favorite CDs are:

Dance it off- http://www.amazon.com/10-Minute-Solution-Dance-Tone/dp/B000UVV242

Richard Simmons Tonin' Uptown, Tonin' Downtown- http://www.amazon.com/Tonin-Uptown-Downtown-VHS/dp/B00000G3CB

Becky said...

I totally agree with Sandra's three points--I also hate paying to exercise; it just doesn't seem right to me. So I work out at home by using a few DVDs and weights. My favorite thing to do is make up my own 5-minute cycle of exercises (i.e., 2 minutes step aerobics, 1 minutes upper body weights, 1 minute jog in place, and 1 min lower body weights) and then repeat for 9 times or 45 minutes. I also love walking in the neighborhood or riding my bike.

Chantele said...

What's exercise?:) I have a hard time sticking to a routine. DVD's get boring to me, so I have to rotate them, with walking, jogging, Wii fit, or whatever. It so hard to keep on a schedule, especially with little ones running around and jumping on you when you are doing a workout video! Good luck!:)

Trent and Nicole said...

I haven't been able to exercise lately (partly b/c I am about 2 weeks from delivery), but when it has been a regular routine thing, was when I had some kind of accountability for it. I was either on a sports team and needed to stay in shape to play, with the added bonus that some of my friends and I would get together and exercise which helped immensely. It seems that with a friend, the excuses don't find their way into my life since I have someone I am accountable to and helps me stay motivated. Also, I haven't done this one, but a friend entered a marathon, which gave her a goal to work towards as well as something that kept her accountable.
Overall, friends to join in on the routine and something to work towards/ help one be accountable for the work (or lack thereof) is very helpful to keep the routine up. As soon as this little girl comes into our home and I can exercise again, I might just find a sports team or marathon to enter. Thanks for the inspiration!

Kate said...

My exercise schedule is called Fit-It-In. My children's activities vary depending on the month or season. Sometimes early morning is best and other times evenings are. Last month I took my son to tennis and ran on the track during his lesson. The main thing for me is to commit to doing it. Because my schedule is so varied, I prefer running and lifting weights--both things I can do at home anytime. I've also found working toward a goal besides just exercising helps me. I pick a race each summer I want to be in and then train for it.

Cheri Chesley said...

I agree it has to be fun. Whatever exercise program/routine you choose, you need to enjoy it. For me it's swimming, walking and/or pilates. But the one, single solitary thing that helps me stick to an exercise routine is this: REGULAR CHILDCARE. :) If I don't have someone to watch the kids, even if it's the hubby, then I find it really hard to keep to a regular schedule. :)

Melanie Hoopes said...

I actually am a rare bread - I like running. It helps my mental and physical health. Although I do have my days. My advice: Habit, habit, habit. Do it around the same time everyday. No excuses, maybe more or less time, but do it! It becomes apparent very quickly that excuses don't work, especially if you don't allow yourself to shower or get ready for the day until you've exercised. I agree with making it fun, do what you enjoy, but most of all - do it. You'll learn to enjoy the habit.

Upper West Side Writer said...

Honestly, I think it is important just to get into a routine. You may have to force yourself the first few times, but after a week or two, I think it comes as naturally as eating (ha!). If you need motivation during those first couple of weeks, rewarding yourself with something non-food related I have always heard helps. Thanks!


Chillygator said...

The only time I've ever bothered to execise (and have it work) is when I had a friend who committed to go with me and we were not for ANY reasons allowed cancel. At all. Apparently we are very guilt-motivated people because neither of us wanted to be the no-show. Also we were trying to look hot for boys, but I'm going to imagine the motivation doesn't apply to everyone (o:

Heather B. Moore said...

You guys have awesome suggestions. I've been at my son's baseball tournament all day so I wasn't able to respond until now.

I used to run track in high school, but I hated the nausea that I felt after a race, and sometimes during. So I just run in short (slow) spurts now. I think that getting into the habit is definitely important. I also sleep better and seem to be more pleasant when I'm on a regular routine. My 35 year old brother just ran his first marathon last month (in like 4 hours 20 minutes!). So that gave me hope--not to run a marathon, but that I could stay somewhat fit at my age :)

Becky, you reminded me that I need to be doing the weight thing--I have some at home and need to get back to them.

Charlie Moore said...


I walk about two blocks to the post office and I work in a large plant so I walk a fair amount there. I stopped doing real exercises when I discharged from the military.

Mostly, now, I just exercise my jaw. Chewing.


David J. West said...

My most valuble workout tool is my Mp3 player.

And I thought your comment at AMV was great. It is making me re-read Abinadi. The first time I just listened to the audio at work and I missed a lot.

I absolutely agree that it needed the realistic situations, which to me were by no means too much-if anything I thought you were very tame, in comparison to what I have written (still going for PG-13 though)

Looking forward to Alma

Noble M Standing said...

I hate exercise. My overweight body is the evidence.

I will tollerate walking, and I loved the Yoga class I used to go to at my old house.

I started taking Tang Soo Do Karate this last October and I LOVE IT! Its not exercise, even though after an hour in the do jang I am covered with sweat and exhausted but feeling great. I have earned my orange stripe and am 4 levels toward my black belt. I estimate it will take me about 5 years but dang, what fun!

I pay for the whole month then I feel guilty if I miss a class instead of paying class by class.

Another benefit is, I write Sci/fi and action what I am learning definately helps with my fight scenes.

Kami said...

I have to rotate my workouts because let's face it: exercise can be BORING!

I played Wii Fit a lot until that got boring, then I did biggest loser DVD's for a month or so, now I'm walking/jogging the trails up the mountain behind the hospital where I work. I also take walks with the kids sometimes at night. I like change.

Other tips are to enlist a workout buddy. It has to be someone that will motivate you to keep going though! Or you can tape a picture of a fit woman somewhere you'll see it everyday. It's a great motivator to see ripped abs because it makes me want to work to get 'em too!

Heather B. Moore said...

Noble M Standing--that's cool about the Tang Soo Do class helping with your action scenes.

Charlie--exercising your jaw is good :)

David--"Abinadi" is pretty mild comparatively. I think it's more the "suggestion" of things . . .

Kami--work-out buddies definitely help. I haven't had one for awhile though.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Kami - get a pal who has a goal to work out at the same time/day/pace you do. Then when one of you feels like not doing it - the other can drag her, kicking and screaming, from the house!

If you use work out tapes or DVD's - give each other permission to work out in each others living rooms whether or not you do that day. It'll guilt you right into doing what you should do if someone else is working out in your living room and you are not!!

Nickolay said...

I like a lot of music. That keeps me going. Also, seeing results is the biggest motivator to try harder and accomplish more. I also have found that really cold water helps me keep going as opposed to warm water to drink.


Heather B. Moore said...

Weston & Nickolay--I need to change the music on my phone. I've been listening to the same track for 2 years :-)

alexandrea said...

Routine - once I managed to get into a routine (mine is 3x a week at the same time/same days) I can stay on it as long as nothing liek a trip interrupts me.