Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Update Jan 09

2009 has been treating me quite well, so far.

1. ALMA THE ELDER was accepted by my publisher, Covenant Communications. It will be out sometime in Fall 09.

2. I finally read THE PRINCESS ACADEMY by Shannon Hale. Loved it. In fact, I ignored my own deadline to read it.

3. J. SCOTT SAVAGE, author of FAR WORLD, is coming to my kids' elementary school this Friday. There is much excitement in the house.

4. I've received many very nice emails from readers of ABINADI. Thank you. I appreciate every single one.

5. Found out that my 14 year old son tested as one of the highest scorers in science in the state and possibly in the nation (don't know where he got that from--both my husband and I are dummies in that field).

6. Set some New Year's Resolutions. Hopefully they'll stick:
--pay off my house
--get QUEEN sold to a national publisher
--turn in WOMEN OF THE BOOK OF MORMON by April
--take at least 2 real vacations this year (went on vacation in 2008--first one in 2 years)
--visit another country (probably Israel--more on that later)
--turn my first book into a screenplay (this might get bumped to 2010)


Stephanie Black said...

Congrats on the acceptance of Alma the Elder! That's awesome!

Josi said...

You forgot a couple resolutions:

Discover the cure for cancer
Find a new star
Get kids to live in perfect harmony with one another :-)

Big congrats on Alma, and best of luck with the rest of it.

Annette Lyon said...

I'm with Josi--those are some hefty resolutions. But you'll do them.

Heather B. Moore said...

Josi, whoever can come up with a solution to stop siblings from fighting--will be a millionaire :)