Monday, November 17, 2008

Book Signing at Provident Book!

(Stealing picture from Tristi)

Last weekend, I did a booksigning at Provident Books in Pleasant Grove with Tristi Pinkston and Michele Ashman Bell--two of my favorite authors.

The store was packed and I had a lot of fun. The store was filled with books, toys, and goodies--some of which I of course purchased on my way out. It was great to see several Author Incognito writers such as Keith Fisher and Nichole Giles. Also, a few of you bloggers stopped by. Hi Taffy & Daron.

Here we are:

Michele Ashman Bell, Tristi Pinkston, Me

Also check out the latest review of Abinadi at Gamila's Review.


Julie Wright said...

Great picture! Looks like a lot of fun

Lori Conger, said...

What a fun experience to sign with Michelle Ashman Bell and Tristi. I admire you all for your talent and accomplishments. Can't wait to see the Abinidi book.

Karlene said...

This comment is LATE because my internet has been down, but I wanted to thank you for coming to our Grand Opening. It was great to have you and we'd love for you to come back in the future.