Friday, October 17, 2008

Book Giveaway WEEK 8!

Congratulations to LOVELLS--who won a copy of Land of Inheritance. Just email me your address to heather at hbmoore dot com and I'll get you the copy.

And thanks everyone for making such great comments! Only one more week and one more book to give away.

To be entered into the drawing, just answer this week's question:

Are you a book buyer or are you a library-regular? Why or why not?

Of course the main reason for going to the library will probably be money because it's almost impossible to be a voracious reader and purchase all of those books. But right now, I'd say that I buy more books than I borrow from the library. Sometimes if it's one that I know will make a good gift, I'll carefully read it and later give it away. Or if I am buying it as a gift, sometimes I'll read it first (don't tell). I do have several books on hold at the library, but since my library is a small town type, it takes FOREVER for them to come in. And it's quite easy for me to browse Amazon or Barnes and Noble and get caught up in their special savings on shipping. If I could only stay away from the book tables at Costco . . . oh well. Almost everyone on my birthday or Christmas lists get books for gifts. I like to support the industry that I work in ;)


Don said...

We're library regulars, because they have a good collection of audio books and we can't seem to drive more than 5 miles unless there's an audio book playing.

Not to say that we don't buy books. We've purchased our share lately, but have pretty much worked our way through those. Time to head back to the bookstore.

Sean said...

I am a book buyer because I often march up books and dog ear them. I think it stems from all the time I spent in college, but I mark up nearly every book I read. I just finished reading No Country for Old Men and I found a few sentences and ideas that intrigued me that I high lighted and then journaled about later. I tend to read non-fiction over fiction and often I will high light something I want to research later (I recently read "A walk in the Woods" and had a lot of different things the book touched on that I wanted to research on my own. So I highlighted and dog eared pages for reading coming back to later.) I don't think the library would appreciate it much if I returned one of their books in that condition.

Kimberly said...

I used to be a regular at the library but our small town library can't keep up with me anymore. and Costco are my very dear friends now.

In fact, we're about due to buy another bookcase...

Ruby (Mouth) said...

Definitely a buyer, though I frequent the used bookstore quite a bit. My daughter though, loves the library and would rather get her books there.

angelleslamet @

Yan said...

I'm a library regular. If the book is absolutely amazing then I'll go buy the book if not, I just enjoyed a good book without any money needed =)


janetfaye said...

I am a book buyer because I love to own a book that I really enjoy.

janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

Stephanie Humphreys said...

I do both. Our library can get books from anywhere in North America, and I don't mind waiting since there is always something else to read. I'm also cautious about buying books if I'm not familiar with the author.

But we do buy a lot of books (to my husband's dismay...he's tired of trying to find enough bookshelves for me and the kids). Most of the books we buy are YA or LDS. I like to try to do my small part to support LDS authors.

Mandi said...

Library...all the way. I love the convenience of requesting a book, and someone else does all the work to pull it, and then e-mail me that it's ready to be picked up whenever I choose (between the hours of 10 am thru 9 pm M-TH 10-6 Fri and Sat) (also, in the next two weeks). I also am way too cheap to just buy everything I want to read. I am what I would consider a voracious reader, and really, who has that kind of money.
Besides the fact that my bookcase (overflowing with children's books from when I was growing up. I can't throw away a book. I will rebind it, and finally reduce to 3 hole punching it before I throw it away) really CAN NOT hold anymore books.

Lovells said...

I do both!
I try and check out books first. If I love the book I usually buy it.
I must admit I LOVE the smell of a new book and the feel of the pages as I read!