Monday, September 8, 2008

Book Giveway WEEK 2!

What is this contest? More here.

But in a nutshell, answer my question of the week on this blog post between now and Friday morning, Sept 12, and I'll put you in the drawing for a FREE copy of the 2007 Whitney Award Winner Land of Inheritance. Really! Last week, Kimberly won.

The question of the week: What is one of the biggest ways the internet has changed your life?

There are a lot of ways for me, but probably one of the biggest ways is communication. Instead of calling people, I email them. It's probably out of hand though, I admit. I email my mom and sister, who live close by, rather than calling them. In fact, I'll be on the road and think--oh, I have to email my mom about this--when I can just call her. But I don't; I email her.


Kimberly said...

I already won but I'm commenting anyway, just for kicks.

Communication has been one of the biggest changes for me as well (in many of the same ways), but I think the biggest change has been confidence. After two years of blogging and making fabulous friends doing so, I feel more like I'm worth people's time. Probably because for reasons I still find inexplicable, people keep taking time to read what I have to say.

There's something very uplifting about that.

Heather B. Moore said...

Kimberly, that is so true! Thanks for commenting :)

Karlene said...

It lets me work at home, and have clients anywhere in the world. It makes my job much easier and convenient for me.

Also, it lets me have friends and some social interaction when I get lonely. :)

Alyce said...

The internet has changed how I do a lot of things in my life, I do a lot more shopping online than I used to. I listen to music on youtube instead of the radio when I'm at home. But the biggest way that it has changed the way I do things is that I email people and post updates about my life on my blog. I find that it's harder for me to keep in contact with those who are not online (like my parents and grandparents) because I forget sometimes that they don't have access to my blog. I have to make a special effort to call or write with updates. With my parents this is easier, but my grandmother has a hard time talking on the phone, so I have to write to her via snail mail.

Heather B. Moore said...

Karlene, I agree completely!

Thanks for your comments, Alyce. It's amazing how easy it is to keep up with people. I don't even think my grandma-in-law knows what a blog is :)

Barbara said...

the internet gets me out of the blue funk of life. Helps me answer questions, ask questions, and meet new friends.

Julie Wright said...

I live and breathe for the internet. I can do my shopping, make new friends, communicate with friends, make appointments, pay my bills, research for books, cry over reviews of books . . . it's all there . . . Don't pick me to win since there are other worthier people out there. I just wanted to comment on how much i LOVE the internet!