Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Surprised & Humbled

I just received my first official endorsement for ABINADI.

I sent a galley to Charlene Hirschi, who is the former director of the Utah State Writing Center and also a columnist for the Logan paper, The Herald Journal. That's enough to intimidate me right there.

So when she agreed to review the book, I was excited. She'd done an interview with me last year, and she was very gracious to take on yet another book.

Today she emailed me her endorsement. She actually sent me three to choose from. It made me emotional--not because I'm patting myself on the back for having a well-respected reviewer love my book, but because what she wrote really touched on the essence of the whole journey of creating a story around a man who I've come to admire and deeply respect.

Here are her 3 endorsements:

"Heather Moore once again establishes herself as the best Book of Mormon fiction writer in the business. She has created a flesh and blood Abinadi that will forever change my perception of this remarkable man, his influence on Alma, and the importance of his mission in Book of Mormon history."

"Abinadi and his mission spring to life under the pen of Heather Moore, as she once again rises to the top of Book of Mormon fiction writers. I can't wait for the next book in this series."

"Only Heather Moore could have written this book. Her Abinadi has put everything on the line for his God. This is a true love story—love of a woman, a family, and his Creator--risking all for the sake of the gospel. Even though I knew the story, I couldn't help wishing for a different outcome."

Charlene Hirschi—Regional Reads Column, The Herald Journal


Kimberly said...


The third endorsement hit me the hardest. That you brought him so much to life that the reader would care that much about the outcome of the story really speaks for your work. Congratulations!

Julie Wright said...

You are awesome! Congratulations on such amazing endorsements on such a great book.

Josi said...

Wohoo--and very well deserved. Way to go, heather.

Rachelle said...

That is so exciting! Good for you, it would be hard to choose between them. :)

Trent and Nicole said...

I'm sure those endorsements are nothing but completely accurate. Makes me even more anxious to read it. Thanks so much for sharing your talent-I thoroughly enjoy reading your books.