Thursday, April 17, 2008

Edits Are In

Part of the writing journey, is of course: Rewriting

Many new writers are surprised to learn that a book go through a number of drafts or revisions before it's even accepted for publication. Of course there's a point in time when you need to stop revising and start submitting.

Right now, I'm in the editing stages with my publisher. This is when the edits "really" count and a writer has to weigh each suggestion or correction with care. It's not the time to brush off a comment with "Sally from my critique group just doesn't get me . . . so I'll ignore her character motivation comment . . ."

My next book will be released in September, so that means it will likely go to press some time in June. Everything is now on a schedule.

Working on right now: Edits with my editor

Starting to formulate:
1. Contact the map designer and put together map locations to be incoporated in original map that will outline the geography.

2. Brainstorming possible endorsements

3. Working on dedication and acknowledgements

4. Tweaking author's bio

Coming up:
1. Once I get the jpeg of my cover, the marketing will begin.

2. Contacting reviewers to send ARC's to (Advanced Reader Copy)

Fortunately, I've been down this road before. With my first book, I was surprised to learn about half of this stuff and spent a great deal of time learning the ropes. Now it's just a matter of application.


Maria Zannini said...

>>This is when the edits "really" count and a writer has to weigh each suggestion or correction with care.

I was surprised that I liked this part of the editing process. Weighing the editors' suggestion made me look at each passage with a scrutiny I hadn't had before. And it opened my eyes as to how "others" perceived it too.

Heather B. Moore said...

Hi Maria :) I have to tell myself that this is the "real" edit since I've had so many readers go through it. But it is surreal to think that the words you've written are now available to the public.

Josi said...

I think our books are coming out around the same time, I haven't heard of my edits yet, though. I'm hoping that means the book is PERFECT and they can't find a thing wrong with it! Unfortunately, I fear it's the opposite and they are so busy making changes they simply haven't surfaced for air just yet.

Janette Rallison said...

Wait a minute--you made this sound painless. I'm in the rewriting stage right now and pulling my hair out. (You are obviously better at this than I am.)

Jenna Consolo said...

Sounds VERY exciting! I know it's a lot of work too, but another "baby" is on its way!

Toner said...

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Crystal Liechty said...

I just tagged you! Bwah-ah-ah! said...

hi heather -- fun to hear about it. hope you get all that you want and work for :)

you go girl :) kathleen